“West Dunbartonshire has been working with CATCH Scotland since its inception, and we have found that it fills a much needed gap in provision that helps provide young people with their own tenancy and supports them into employment and training. Some of the young people we refer to CATCH Scotland tend to be disengaged and lack inspiration, refusing to work with other services to plan for their future. In contrast, the CATCH Scotland staff have the imagination to engage and support young people in whatever endeavour they decide, CATCH Scotland continues to work in well in partnership with the Local Authority, providing young people with motivation and a positive  focus in life.”

Frank McCollum

West Dumbarton

“CATCH are developing an exciting and very promising model of support for young people who have had difficult experiences within the existing framework of residential care. They have demonstrated a commitment to supporting young people through difficult times and are now helping young people achieve outcomes they themselves did not think were possible.”

The Care Inspectorate (2014)

“The commitment, energy and passion of the staff are singularly the most significant part of Catch’s success. The skill mix of the team is recorded as one of the key successes of the organisation. Key staff come from a business background, local authorities, care homes, commissioners, people who have been working in care settings”.

3rd Horizons, Catch Independent Evaluation

“I think that one big part of the ethos of CATCH Scotland is that staff never give up on a young person and always see the good in them. They are good at helping make young people believe in themselves and who they are!”

CATCH Employee

“It’s all about me, which is great. I came from residential and to get a flat was surreal. It made me feel brilliant!”.


“I would say play the game, say what you want, speak for yourself. Normally, there is a room full of professionals making all the decisions for you and you get to speak at the end.  People are not used to having a say in their own lives. Here though, every time I’ve needed help, CATCH has always beenthere… CATCH is good!”


Clydebank Estate Agents have provided tenancies for CATCH Scotland for over 3 years. I personally have found the tenants very polite, respectful and helpful throughout the tenancy. The young people from CATCH Scotland have also assisted with repair maintenance within our rental properties as part of a training scheme provided by CATCH Scotland. All works have been professionally managed and carried out to a very high standard.

Colleen McKinley

Property Manager, Clydebank Estate Agents