Hard outcomes are much easier to measure than soft ones which, although difficult to quantify, are just as important. At CATCH Scotland the team work tirelessly with each young person to achieve many soft and quite often small but significant outcomes that will equip them with the skills needed to go forward in life independently and confidently.

At CATCH we pride ourselves on working with both the young person and Authority at a pace that allows them to obtain the best outcomes.  Even after our young people leave the scheme, the door is always open and our support is never far away.

To determine the effectiveness of the CATCH Scotland experience in meeting its stated aim and goals, an annual evaluation is carried out. This process measures the enhancement of each young adult’s self-esteem, social confidence, emotional stability, self-control and positive attitude change, in addition to the range of educational, vocational and life skills attained.

The statistical evidence collated in the most recent evaluation illustrates the success of the programme in promoting the achievement of the following goals:

  • Increased Attendance and Programme Involvement
  • Improved Self-Esteem: Social Confidence, Emotional Stability, Self Control, Positive Attitude Change
  • Reduced Involvement with Police and Children’s Panels
  • Enhanced Life Skills:  Budgeting, Cooking, Property Maintenance, Neighbourliness
  • Increased Community Involvement: Participation in Fitness Clubs , Involvement in Areas of Stated Interest
  • Improved Educational Attainments: Literacy, Numeracy, Vocationally Related Subjects

CATCH Comments

CATCH has remained in touch with over half of the young people who have left the project. But perhaps the best indicator of success is the range of comments freely offered by young people and involved stakeholders.

I can now travel on my own without worrying if people are looking at me


There have been a lot of changes in me since I came here. In my residential school, I only had supervised contact with my Dad and I was constantly getting dragged into stupid bother and hassles.

My Dad said to me recently that CATCH has helped me grow up a bit, and even my girlfriend says it now feels like we have a proper relationship.


CATCH has helped me focus on my life and what is important , so I don’t get as frustrated so much at small things. I’ve been given time here to work out what is important and get on with my life.


I am learning to control my anger better with the help of the CATCH team


I now have structure in my life


I’m alive


I am now able to be in a relationship


Been a great ‘mum’ to my son


CATCH has provided me with an opportunity to relearn independence and has allowed me to practice skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since working with the CATCH project I am more confident, punctual and I am now able to picture, plan and look forward to a successful future. Thank you, High five!