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CATCH Scotland is a Care Commission registered company run as a not-for-profit Care And Training Community Housing Support organisation.  Although based in the West of Scotland, it meets the needs of young people from all over the country.  CATCH Scotland’s unique ‘singleton’ approach is designed to take young adults from a range of formal care settings and prepare each for independent living and the world of work.

Young people mentored by CATCH live in a variety of accommodation, ranging from private tenancies to flats provided by housing associations.  The placements initially provide singleton accommodation supported by intensive one-to-one support, the level of support reducing as each young adult makes the requisite development.

Its purpose is to gain young people’s identification with, and commitment to their CATCH placement, enabling them to shape their own lives by offering them a bespoke care and vocational training package capable of meeting their identified needs.

CATCH Scotland provides both a care and vocational training setting, being registered to provide independent living experiences and offer National Qualifications and Vocational Experiences for young adults between the ages of 16 and 26 years of age. CATCH is part of the Scottish Through Care and Aftercare Forum, with its rationale, practice and systems informed and enhanced by the use of professional consultants.

The CATCH Scotland Aim is to improve the life chances of care leavers and prevent these young adults from being drawn into an often chaotic and uncertain lifestyle.

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01 Where would I be without CATCH

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How do you think CATCH is different

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CATCH facts

The company is 5 years old

Run as a not-for-profit business

OVER 30 young people been through the CATCH journey

OVER 250 years of staff social care, training, psychological and business experience

Care Inspectorate Grades

  • Quality of Care and Support 5 (Aug 16)
  • Very Good Quality of Staffing 5 (May15)
  • Very Good Quality of Management and Leadership 4 Good (Aug 16)
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